Preferred Customer Rewards

How to Earn My Preferred Customer Rewards:

• Effective December 1st, 2010

• Place an order by emailing me (

• All orders need to be placed through myself to qualify.

• For every increment of $70 (before shipping), you earn a Point . Separate orders may not be combined to reach a point.

For example, a product order of $69 would not qualify as a Point. An order of $141 would qualify for two Points.

• You’ll still earn hostess rewards for product orders over $300.

• You will be responsible for tracking your orders and Points.

• Earn 10 Points and email your tracking sheet (or include tracking detail in the body of an email) to me with your choice of stamp set, valued at $29.95. One customer per tracking sheet.

• I’ll confirm your customer order tracking and send your free stamp set asap.

• Customer Rewards Program expire one year from initial purchase.

Preferred Customer Reward Tracking Sheet

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