First MDS Layout

Okay, so it’s lacking on the creative side a bit, but here’s my first play with the new MDS program.

I did learn a few little tricks like how to line up all the brads (can use as many as I want) and have them evenly spaced etc.

I used one of the pre loaded templates, or sketch I should really call them.  It just had the place where all the photo’s go and everything else is my work.

All the elements (don’t know what to call them) were just in the MDS, I haven’t bought any digital downloads as yet, but I’m sure I’ll be wanting oodles of it all soon.

Funny Face-002

Grab your 30 Day Trial (click the shop now button in the sidebar) and start playing 🙂

Also, if you head to My Digital Studio  they have a tone of video tutorials to watch

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