I’ve just made Supervisor!!

Wow, I’ve just made Supervisor!!

A big warm welcome to my newest team member Holly, I hope you have as much fun as the rest of us are.

So now that I’m Supervisor I get to choose a Group Name, I am stumped for ideas, so if anyone has any feel free to suggest them.


5 thoughts on “I’ve just made Supervisor!!

  1. Group names

    All Stamped Out
    Stamping Storm
    Stamp Unity
    Stamps United
    Stamp Me Baby
    Rebel Stampers

    Just some help I thought I might give you. Hope that’s ok.

    Lea Adcock

  2. Hey Alisa,
    Cheers for all your help over the last few weeks. Being your newest team member doesn’t feel real yet. I am impatiently waiting for my starter kit to get here then maybe it will feel real.

    For your group name could you have something like stampers circle maybe?


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