Stampin Up Hooray It’s Your Day Project Kit

At Linc n Learn last week and this week, we’ve been making the cards from the Stampin Up Hooray It’s Your Day Project Kit.  We have been LOVING them!!

The kit makes 20 Cards all up, being that there are 5 of us, we’ve been able to make one of each.

Here’s the first card we made.

Hooray It's Your Day

We stamped an extra Hooray on the file tab for the insert.  I decided that instead of using the Spritzer to add the colour, we would just sponge the colour on.  It was a little cleaner for the environment we were in.

We also sponged the back of the card, and also the insert.

Hooray It's Your Day

Each card also comes with it’s own pre cut and scored coloured envelope (which we also stamped some Hooray’s on)

Over the next few days, I’ll share the remaining 3 cards.

Here’s the kit which you can purchase for just $35.95

Hooray It's your day

And the matching Stamp Set for just $23.95

Hooray Its your day

Or instead of buying the kit, you could receive them for FREE by joining my team 🙂

Running this kit as a class where everyone buys a kit, could be your first gathering.


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