Australian Papercrafts Issue 63

I keep forgetting to post this but I’ve got 2 projects in this months Australian Papercrafts.

Oh and I made the cover of Stamping & Papercraft last month  đŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Australian Papercrafts Issue 63

  1. Hi Alisa, i’m so glad i joined SU as i’m having great fun with my new kit, hope to get more to add to it soon!… I wish i was closer to you so i can get ideas and confidense at your workshop, but i can’t so i’ll pop in now and then to see what you have up here again, thanks for your help, Sue. (PS. maybe you can mail me some templates of what you make at workshops, if that’s ok… (will pay if i have to) just to get the feel of all this)

  2. Wow this is the mag i found your work in,do you advertise in mags often?… Congrats!…This is why i sent this email —>Hi i’ve been buying magazines for almost a year to see what others do with stamps etc….i found some of your work in a few but didn’t know who you were until we started chatting here….i now know your name and i found myself looking for the work you did……great!

  3. Alisa,

    I was just in Barnes & Noble and saw your card. Now I can say I know who created it. Congratulations. I love looking at the Australian card magazines. By the way, I like the newsletter you are sending to your downline that you posted on the

    Karen Culler
    Kernersville, NC 27284 USA

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