Convention 2007

Wow, what an absolute blast it was.  I was amazing to finally meet all the wonderful people I’ve known online for the past couple of years.  I loved every single one of you.

And now a HUGE thank you to everyone for their support over the last year.  I was lucky enough to be up on stage 3 times  🙂  I received a 2 star pin for recruiting (and free stamps), the Incentive Trip which is going to be held in Port Douglas QLD, and I also got 4th place in Demonstrator of the Year.

Shelli was so lovely, her comment to me when I got on stage was ‘You’re so Cute’ LOL and I get to spend 5 days with her!  Well me and 7 other ladies who also qualified for the trip.  We are going to have so much fun.


If you would like to join my team and have the ride of your life like I’m having, please email me.  The starter kit is only $299 for the month of May, so dont just wish it, do it!

7 thoughts on “Convention 2007

  1. Hey Alisa,
    Congratulations on your amazing efforts and the awards that go with them :o) I plan to be stampeding across the stage a few more times next year too!
    I got a “you’re so tall” comment from Shelli when I had my picture taken with her!
    Sarah x

  2. Wow, Congratulations. I love your work and think you well deserve to be up there with the best.
    I live just north of Port Douglas. Only about a 15min drive. You will love it up here. It is a beautiful place.

  3. Hi Alisa. I found your site through technorati and absolutely LOVE your designs! I’ve bookmarked it to check out some more later. This picture brought back memories as I used to be a SU Demo (1997-2005) and I also have a picture of a friend, Shelli, and myself from the SU convention in Minneapolis in 2000. It’s good to hear she’s still so sweet.

    Congratulations on earning the trip! 😀

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