Convention Awards

I feel a little funny about coming here and writing all my awards down now.

Last year I made it on stage for 3 out of the 4 awards, this year I thought I’d push myself and try to get up there for all 4 awards – happy to say I DID IT!!

I received awards for Level 2 Recruiting, $30K Sales, Incentive Trip to Palm Cove QLD, and for the biggie – one of the Top 25 Demonstrators in Australia/NZ.  I was so happy to be placed in the top 25, but as the numbers were counting down, my name was not being called.  Can you believe that I made

NUMBER 5 – I still cant believe it. 

So in additional to all the lovely pins I received, I also took home 6 Free Stamp Sets, a Set to choose for presenting, and a $250 Cash Prize.

I was also very proud to see my own downlines achieving their dreams too.  Congratulations to Roz for Top 25 Demo and Recruiting Level 2, and also to Madonna for Recruiting Level 2 – I know there are going to be many more for both of you.

Thank you to my whole team, and to all my customers who have supported me over the year.

7 thoughts on “Convention Awards

  1. Congratulations Alisa on all your awards this year. Well done, and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your watercolour presentation. Just superb.

  2. Hi Alisa,
    Just wanted to say you were GREAT at Convention – if you were nervous, it really didn’t show! You’ve inspired me to try my hand again at watercolouring – I’ve always struggled with the aqua painters but I was really impressed with your work so will try again! We share a number… I was number 5 for NZ, but it’s a considerably easier achievement here since there are far, far fewer of us here yet. You and the other top Australian demos are such fantastic role models for the rest of us – hopefully next year I’ll join you on the Incentive Trip. That’s my “big” dream anyway! Thanks again for helping to make Convention so fantastic.

  3. Well done and well deserved lovey – it was so awesome seeing you go up there again and again and again LOL! Here’s to next year – how BIG are you DREAMing for this one? LOL!

  4. Congrats again Alisa… certainly are the quintessential SU! girl !!! You have worked very, very hard this past year……… was great seeing all the Elite girls doing so well…..

  5. WOOHOO you go girl! Well deserved congratulations to you for all you have achieved, and many more to come 🙂
    Clap! Clap! to you.
    Congrats to Roz & Madonna also, well done!

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