Crayons v’s Pencils

While Stampin’ Up! still have their current promotion on the Watercolour Crayons and Pencils,  I thought I’d show you the different looks that can be achieved with each.  I’ve made the same card 3 times using the different mediums and paper.


This first card is done with the Watercolour Pencils on Whisper White Cardstock.  I’ve blended with the Blender Pens.  There is some debate as to whether the colours are true Stampin’ Up! colours or not, but they are very similiar that you could easily get away with it.


This second photo, I’ve used the Watercolour Pencils again, but this time on Watercolour Paper with an Aquapainter.  The Watercolour paper allows you to manipulate the colour a little better, so that you dont get the ‘brushstrokes’ showing.


The third photo, I’ve used Watercolour Crayons, Watercolour Paper and the Aquapainter.  This gives a real watermark look to it.  The crayons are very soft and blend easily.

Dont forget that by spending $50 this month, you can get 25% off any of the Watercolour Crayon Families, and the Watercolour Pencils.

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  2. Thanks for the comparison, and I agree with Jen, the difference between the three is really quite interesting. I’ve recently bought some crayons and markers, so I’ll be putting some pencils on my next list.

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