Does your Punch get Jammed?

Does your punch get jammed? I have a few tips for you if it does!

Tips for getting your jammed punch working again.

I had a customer email me the other day saying the punch she order over a year ago was jammed and she couldn’t get it to work. I rang SU and these were the tips suggested before getting it replaced:

  • Drop or throw it gently on a carpeted surface.
  • Step on it to punch through card.
  • Put it in the freezer overnight.

My customer tried the freezer option and it worked. The metal shrinks in the cold and then expands again when warm. Whatever is misaligned fixes itself during the shrinking stage.

I myself have stepped on a punch before, it was actually a little more than a step, made a dreadful noise and I thought I’d broken it. But it started working again.

Here’s another tip for your punches (not jammed related)

  • Sharpen punches by punching through several layers of alfoil.

Hope this help you some! – Alisa

4 thoughts on “Does your Punch get Jammed?

  1. My punch won’t close all the way. There doesn’t appear to be any loose paper in the stamp mechanism. Do you know anyone who has a Merry Moose punch willing to sell?

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