For Sarah Klass!

At convention Sarah Klass asked me what was beyond the window where I take all my card photo’s from.

Well now that Hubby has cleaned all the windows, I’ll show you 😉


This is taken from behind our new lounge in the front room.


Looking straight out the front window.


Looking up the road.


Looking down the road, that darn STOBIE POLE is in the way!

15 thoughts on “For Sarah Klass!

  1. Hi Alisa,

    These pictures of your view almost took my breath away.. not just because it’s beautiful, but because it is almost the identical view to the one out my grandparent’s window when I was a little girl. If I didnt know better, I’d think it was the same house.

    Thank you for showing us.

    Linda h

  2. Good on you Sarah for asking the question – I have always wondered too! Now I know and it is just stunning!!

  3. Let’s hope Convention or a Regional event will be held in Port Lincoln soon, so we can all crash at Alisa’s! Are you scared now. LOL.

    It is a very lovely view, you are very lucky. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I know it’s all been said before Alisa…but wow…..

    What a great place to sit and design cards etc….

    Sara…..Sarah….you crack me up!!!

  5. Alisa, *sigh* what an inspiring place you live – that is just breathtaking….. you are a very lucky gal, its a beautiful place…

    BTW – What the heck is a “stobie pole”???

  6. Yes I did ask you didn’t I, because the photos of your cards are always so gorgeous and the backdrop looked so interesting!! Thanks so much for remembering and actually posting the pics 🙂 GORGEOUS view!!

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