Holiday Catalogue Shares

Woohoo!  The new Holiday Catalogue is now Live, and of course we WANT EVERYTHING!! Sometimes we can’t have everything straight away.. or can we?

I’m opening up my Holiday Catalogue Shares for Australian Residents.  This way you CAN have everything, in smaller quantities and a smaller price 🙂

I have 3 groups – Paper, Ribbon and Embellishments. You’ll receive a 1/4 pack for each product in each group.  Take part in one, two or all 3 groups.

Lets have a look at each group.

Paper Share – 6″ x 12″ in Size for just $35

Paper Share

Ribbon Share – 1/4 of Each Roll  just $18

Ribbon Share

Embellishment Share – 1/4 Pack of Each just $14

Embellishment Share

Take all 3 Shares for $67 and receive a FREE bag of Mica Flakes (colour chosen at random)

Postage will be in a 1kg Express Bag for an additional $12.80 so you can get your goodies faster.

I’ll be taking sign ups until the 15th September, I’ll then order product, cut and post.

Please fill out the form below, or if you are reading this via your email, head on over to the BLOG and fill out the form there.  Let me know which shares you’d like to take part in.

Thank you, now closed


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