I’ve just made Supervisor!!

Wow, I’ve just made Supervisor!!

A big warm welcome to my newest team member Holly, I hope you have as much fun as the rest of us are.

So now that I’m Supervisor I get to choose a Group Name, I am stumped for ideas, so if anyone has any feel free to suggest them.


5 thoughts on “I’ve just made Supervisor!!

  1. Hey Alisa,
    Cheers for all your help over the last few weeks. Being your newest team member doesn’t feel real yet. I am impatiently waiting for my starter kit to get here then maybe it will feel real.

    For your group name could you have something like stampers circle maybe?


  2. Group names

    All Stamped Out
    Stamping Storm
    Stamp Unity
    Stamps United
    Stamp Me Baby
    Rebel Stampers

    Just some help I thought I might give you. Hope that’s ok.

    Lea Adcock

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