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Dont ya just love it when you are about to press the publish button and the site goes down -  grrrr.

My post that got lost was on my involvement with UStamp.  I just wanted to make it clear that UStamp is not sponsored by Stampin’ Up!, nor was I chosen by Stampin’ Up! to take part in it.  Heather and Dawn approached me and asked if I’d be involved.  I am also not receiving any payment for being involved in UStamp.

Concerns have been raised about US products being used – Sarah and I will be recreating all necessary projects into ones that use only Australian/NZ products.  This is going to be a huge task for Sarah and I, but we feel it’s the best for our fellow Demo’s and customers to have projects using our own catalogue supplies.

If anyone has any questions at all about UStamp, please feel free to email me.

4 thoughts on “More on UStamp

  1. Hi Alisa,

    This looks like it will be loads of fun – something new to look forward to!

    Thanks for all the work you and Sarah are putting into it for the rest of us to be able to join and enjoy.

  2. UStamp is all one world wide event, taking place at the same time. What will happen is that you will get the projects that will be US based, Sarah (from NZ) and I will be remaking them all with our measurements and our available products, so all that work of trying to remake them on your own is taken out.

    So to cut a long story short, just head over to and you can sign up there.

  3. Hi Alisa,

    I am new to SU & this looks fabulous! What I am trying to find out is being in Australia, I would obviously prefer the class details for our products, do I still join the normal UStamp group, or do I join with you…

  4. Alisa,

    I thank you and Sarah for altering the necessary projects and appreciate the extra work this involves!!!! I’m very excited to be part of this!!!!

    Sharon xxxxxxxxxxx

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