1. Congratulations and thank you, Alisa! The video was very well done. Isn’t it so much easier to learn techniques when you can see them demonstrated in such a clear manner?! I definitely hope you will produce many more.

  2. Hi Alisa
    Your tutorial video was great. Well done!! It is such a nice change to see an Aussie & actually hear an Aussie voice doing a tutorial.
    The result looks fantastic.
    I just have one question for you. Does the versamark damage the ink or ink pad in anyway if you do a lot of embossing this way?? Just wondered as the effect the versamark has on card by itself I thought maybe it may do something to the ink pad.. Hopefully not as I think this is a great idea & would never have thought to use the versamark with my inkpads.
    Once again thankyou for the video
    Mart (Tassie)

  3. Hey there Alisa!

    WOW!! My ladies are going to love that!! Embossing with dye inks never even crossed my mind!! I have a lady who wants to learn how to do – how does she put it?? embalming!!! haha, we have to keep correcting her, it’s so funny!! anyway, she is going to love this!!! Thanks for the video! Oh and by the way, it was great!!

    Caroline xx

  4. Alisa, Congratulation, the video was well done, never got to meet you in Brisbane, but love your work, Hope that there are many more, Thank You Alisa Cherita (Bremer Bay WA)

  5. That was awesome Alisa. I was looking at some other cards today and wondering how the makers managed to achieve their result. Now I think I know. Thanks for the insider knowledge!!

  6. Hi Alisa,

    Video is great…not that I would of expected anything less from someone such as yourself. Look forward to seeing many more.


  7. That was great. I had no idea about versamark first then
    stamping on the ink pad straight away, then embossing.

    I am glad I learnt something!

  8. What a great idea!! Am definately going to give this a try-now to find my embossing powder, probably buried it hasn’t been used for so long! I agree with Kristie on the watercolouring demo…hint hint! Well you are the master (in my opinion anyway!) Great job,thumbs up!

  9. Great video on embossing. I have only used pigment/craft ink for embossing so it was great to see how to emboss using versamark and dye inks!

  10. Hi Alisa, Nice to finally put have a voice for the person. I understand where Kristie was coming from. I love watching stampin up! video’s and can not wait to see what such a tallent lady like yourself can produce (no pressure LOL). Congratulations on your first, many more to come I hope.

  11. Fantastic – nice to hear an Aussie doing a tutorial, and embossing ESPECIALLY what products to use – is a subject is something I have been trying to get my head around for ages! Thanks for the simple instructions and guidance. Looking forward to more! 🙂

  12. Awesome Alisa!! I really liked that I could see and hear you…although kind of a strange experience ’cause I feel like I know you – but I don’t…if that makes sense? Anyway, I thought it was great and I’m looking forward to you making a watercolouring video for us soon…hint, hint! 🙂

  13. I thought it was great. Sometimes you can read things and not really get what they are saying but now after watching what you did I will remember and now have a go myself. Thanks, and look forward to more. Cheers

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