Mystery Hostess Week!

April Promotion

You many be asking what a Mystery Hostess is??

Stampin Up has introduced a new Hostess Code which allows all online orders using the same ‘code’ to be grouped together as a workshop.

While I’m away at Convention this week, lets have an Mystery Hostess Workshop!!  All you have to do is head on over to my store and do your shopping online. You will need to enter in the hostess code, which will then group all the orders together.

Hostess Code –   JJCBURM9

Once the workshop ends, the orders are totaled.  Grouped orders must reach a min of $300 to receive Hostess Rewards.  If we reach $400 and over, the Hostess Promotion will kick in and you’ll receive an extra $60 spend :)  I will then draw a Mystery Hostess!  That person will then receive the Hostess Rewards for the entire ‘workshop’!


Don’t forget that your orders also go towards my Preferred Customer Rewards 🙂

HERE’S the link to my store.  Orders will need to be placed by the end of day, 28th May

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