1. Hello, Alisa. Yvonne from the US here. In answer to your question to yourself as to whether your pastels are too ‘soft,’ the answer is no. They are perfect. It reminded me of my first watercolor class many years ago. I was new not only to that paint medium, but also to the instructor and was quite intimidated just by her appearance (she is one of my dearest and sweetest friends and has been since that class, but others have echoed my first impression of her), so I was quite nervous. When she leaned over my painting to caution “Soft!!! Soft!!!,” I was so scared that I barely applied any actual color to my painting of coffee beans and leaves. That painting ended up being one of my favorite, and hers as well, as she commented she had never seen anyone have such a ‘soft hand’ with watercolor…so, in summation, sometimes, just the barest of a hint of color works out to being the best, which yours definitely is/are. I always enjoy your posts.

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