Scrapbooking Memories Vol 10 No1

Did you all see this??

Scrapbooking Memories

It’s me on page 150!

If you did happen to see it, or are visiting for the first time, I’d love it if you left a ‘hello’ in the comments section, (mainly for my own feedback) – Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Scrapbooking Memories Vol 10 No1

  1. Alisa-
    You have been so kind to answer a question I had about the “Wild About You” card, and now I see it has been used in a magazine article! I knew it was a winner! As, always, I love your ideas.
    Sue Labate

  2. Hi Alisa, I’ve been watching your work for a little while now….absolutely love it! I am a fairly new Stampin Up addict & use your ideas frequently! regards, Jude

  3. Hi Alisa,
    I found your blog from seeing you in SM. I loved your ideas to have added you to my favourites 🙂

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