Spot the Difference

You know when you make a card that you’re not really really happy with  (sorry ladies from LnL), and you’re NOT going to be happy until you recreate it?  Well it happened to me this week.

Here’s my card – probably not a bad card to start with.

But add some Sponging, another layer of card around the main stamped panel, some ribbon, and I’m alot happier  🙂

The stamp set is called Season of Joy and is available from the 1st August.  If you dont yet have a Spring Mini Catalogue, email your address to and I’ll pop one into the mail for you  .

6 thoughts on “Spot the Difference

  1. I like the layout of the first card, but the second card just seems to ‘pop’. I think it is the different colours you have used rather than the sponging, although saying that, sponging does give it some dimension doesn’t it? I am really loving the stamps by mail Alisa. I must say you are a very talented lady 🙂 I have convinced one of my friends to join the next one, so expect an email from her at some stage.

  2. The first card is really nice, but the second card is FABULOUS! You are so talented. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am a HUGE fan of layers and sponging, it makes a massive difference.

    But Alisa, all your cards still look amazing even without layers and sponging.


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