Watercolouring with Markers Video

Okay, so it seems I’m taking forever to do the Watercolouring Video due to the school holidays, so to tie you over until next week, here’s my UStamp Video on colouring with markers.  It’s also the same presentation I gave at Convention.

Dont forget that UStamp Holiday 08 starts very soon, you can read all about it a few posts down 🙂

8 thoughts on “Watercolouring with Markers Video

  1. That was a great video to have on your blog Alisa! More please! What a great way of sharing new techniques!!!
    Well done!

  2. Can you use any watercolour paper for this or is there certain qualities needed in the paper? Could you use gloss or other card? I find problems working with several colours of markers in the way you do as they tend to dry on the paper and be hard to move around. Perhaps I am working too slowly?

    BTW, very nice straight forward tutorial.

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