Which One?

I’m teaching Watercolouring at the Adelaide Quilt and Craft Fair in November and I’m thinking that this big guy might be the one to colour. 


The cost of the kit will be $7 and I’ll be making him in 4 colour schemes to match the Ribbon Originals.

Which one would you want to make?




16 thoughts on “Which One?

  1. Both cards are so pretty, Love the colours. If I have to pick one i think it would be the first one. I enjoy reading your blog everyday, keep up the great work.

  2. Both are very nice Alisa. The second one instantly leap out out me. So I say No 2. Well Done. Would love to see a tutorial for either! Hint Hint

  3. Hi Alisa,
    I agree they are both very nice.. although I like the first one and I think it’s the layout that catches my eye.. great work!!

  4. I love them both and find different things about each of them appealing. With that said, if I had to choose, I would pick the first one. As someone else pointed out, the circles go well with the fish.

  5. I love them both, but I think I like the first one a little better. I think it’s because of the circles…adds to the fish/water effect. Lovely coloring too!

  6. Love them both but I think the second one seems to be less complicated and more appealing. However I have to say I would be happy for my $7 to do either one.

  7. Alisa they are beautiful. I love the first one the best. I think it is actually the layout and the spots. I also love the use of the background stamp with the second.

    They are both so lovely. Well done

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